Mr. wise - dr. doom

After the incident, Victor returned to Latveria and finally deposed its corrupted government, and usurping as king under his new name Victor von Doom. Immediately thereafter, he instantly turned Latveria's whole economy and military into a powerhouse practically overnight. Though the international community and the Latverian people saw Doom as a dictator, he is a legitimate ruler of his own right and was viewed as a benign dictator for enriching Latveria and supporting its citizens. Doom, however, also carried a megalomania intent to which he use his country's resources in order to further his plans of world domination. These schemes led Doom into conflict with the Fantastic Four on many occasions, as well as many other superheroes.

There was no mirror, at that date, in my room; that which stands beside me as I write, was brought there later on and for the very purpose of these transformations. The night, however, was far gone into the morning — the morning, black as it was, was nearly ripe for the conception of the day — the inmates of my house were locked in the most rigorous hours of slumber; and I determined, flushed as I was with hope and triumph, to venture in my new shape as far as to my bedroom. I crossed the yard, wherein the constellations looked down upon me, I could have thought, with wonder, the first creature of that sort that their unsleeping vigilance had yet disclosed to them; I stole through the corridors, a stranger in my own house; and coming to my room, I saw for the first time the appearance of Edward Hyde.

Mr. Wise - Dr. DoomMr. Wise - Dr. DoomMr. Wise - Dr. DoomMr. Wise - Dr. Doom